Help people living with ALS to lead active and independent lives with the highest possible quality of lives.

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“With all good wishes for a great walk

Eleanor D. Kress

“For a Great Cause!

Lisa Favuzza

“Good Luck!

Yulia Zhorov

“So inspired by your family!! Sending my love, Brooke Stoller

Brooke Stoller


Joy Kolitsky

“Thank-you for fundraising for this meaningful cause!

Glenda Speyer

“Mike Mike


“Go Marcy!

Ellie Gordon

“Happy to support a wonderful cause.

Susan E Gallant

“So sorry I cannot walk that day. However, I will be there in spirit. I will never forget the generosity of Leonard (LENNY) Florence. Warmest regards to Charlotte, Faye, Susan and Mark. With many memories, Janice DiPietro

Janice DiPietro

“Transfatty rules!

Lindsay Mofford


Jessica Lambert

“Love ya, buddy.

Ted Sydor

“For my godfather. We love you so much! xoxo

Danielle Equi

“Keep fighting the beast!

Kelly Ragan

“Robert Woodbury

Laura Moskowitz

“Hey go take trips and go places! :)

Cheryl Bennet

“Go Team Weisberg!!!

Ginny Fordham

“Wonderful cause Maura! So happy to be able to participate!

Linda Martinelli

“Thank you all that you do

Robert Davidow

“Stay strong, Meghan! Your beautiful sister will love you and fight for you always!

Colleen Dolan

“I am with you and your strengths of dedication and loving as you take on the walk. Very touching

Norah Lewis

“Go Team Patrick! Xoxo.

Elizabeth Halbrook

“-^~^- 0

Katharine Stilley

“With love from the Michaelson family

Allison Michaelson

“team Patrick alway!


“Good luck, Leigh! Take some pics 😊

Dianne Phillips

“My mom would have wanted to sponsor you :)

Stephanie Brunelle

“We are excited to once again support the amazing work that is done on behalf of the ALS and MS residents at the Leonard Florence Center. The Greater Boston Walk for Living is not only a great way to raise funds, but it is also a beloved community event.

Rick Gordon, Chelsea Rotary Club

“Go, Janet!

Susan Rosenberg Jones

“In memory of my Bro-in-law Don who passed from ALS this Spring

Nancy Rosemore

“We love your dedication to Chelsea. You are both amazing. Love, Shelley and Bob

Shelley Seid


Josh Rosenberg

“Much love from the Torrance family

Jennifer Rhodes

“Happy Birthday, Jan❤️

Sandy Stoner

“"TransFatty Forever"

Adam Schlosberg

“In honor of Jerry's dedication to the memory of Lenny Florence

Jacqueline Williams

“Go Team Patrick!!

Maryhelen Silverthorn

“In honor of Jerry Glinnen's dedication to the memory of Lenny Florence

Jacqueline Williams

“You are an inspiration and a great artist, Patrick. Look forward to seeing your new work and keep up the good fight!

Whitney Birch

“This is a test

Phil Condon

“Hope you are feeling you, Kathy and Richard

Kathryn Jones

“Wish I could be there to walk with you all! Look forward to visiting you Martha with Peggy! ❤️

MaryAnne York

“Keep up the great work!

Ed Elkins

“to cover registration fees for 20 walkers

Emily Buswell

“Here’s to all of you who make this difficult journey!

Cynthia Stilley

“My wonderful friend Ken continues to live a positive life with the caring help from the LFCL staff. Thank you for supporting his enduring upbeat spirit.

Mariko Yamasaki

“Glad to help Kathy!!!

Paula Burke

“You're a hoot!

Donna Amato

“In Memory of my husband Louis DePrizio

Christine DePrizio

“Love you Patrick

Jennifer Rhodes

“Thanks for all the care and consideration you provided my sister Doreen and the support you provided to the family.

Denise Molino

“Best wishes, Ken

Richard Lacki

“MS is a bitch and we are happy to support you!

Maria and Chris Baker

“Love you Patrick

Jennifer Rhodes

“Love you P

Jennifer Rhodes

“Worthy cause!

Meg Arivella

“Go Patrick!

evan mathis

“In loving memory of Xaverian Brother Joseph Comber, CFX and Malden Catholic alum and friend Timothy Paquette

Thomas Puccio

“I hope you win the walk! 😉

Carolyn Bartholdson

“Have a good walk, Rick

Craig Newfield

“I hope you win the walk! 😉

Carolyn Bartholdson

“Have a good walk, Rick

Craig Newfield

“The Leonard Florence Center for Living is amazing and was a named after a person that my husband and I were privileged to have known.. Leonard “Lenny” Florence.

Jance DiPietro


Joe Lucchese

“Have a great walk, Rick

Craig Newfield

“Two of the people who guided me in life and made me what I am today. My mom and my mother-in-law and I miss them both very much.

Jerry Glinnen

“Keep on keeping do that well! Love you very much, Steve! ♥️♥️♥️ Mom

Jean Saling

“glad to contribute to this worthy cause

Gary Fertig

“In memory of Peter

Joan Clifford

“Thank you, Team Weisberg, once again!

Diane and Kenny Brown

“Go for it Kathy!

Jeniffer Cook

“09/16/2022 Dear Ken, I'll send you an updated email soon. With deep affection, Juddie

Juddie M. Barrett

“Love Josh & Roxanne

Roxanne Marion

“I love you my nephew!

Debra Albertelli

“Bonnie loved to participate in this walk & support everyone in the Steve Saling House. She is with us in spirit - look at the twinkle in Patrick’s bright eyes.

Wendie Grader-Beck

“Sorry it couldn’t be more

Michelle Trottier

“Loving donation in honor of Jan Walshaw

Barbara Andler

“The Paquette Family

Rachel McGourthy

“I lost my father to ALS and my brother ran in a marathon to support him, too. I really connect with your mission and hope to make meaning out of it myself sooon. Keep fighting the fight!

Stephanie Beels

“So happy to be supporting the Worth the Waite team! Carolyn and I wish we could be there for the walk, but won't be able to travel at that time. Sending our love!

Justin Waite

“God Bless you and keep you,Brother Frank and Sister Sonia through this difficult journey.❤️

Tina McFarland-Rodrigues

“In memory of Lew A. Cummings

Melissa Jones

“So happy to donate to such an important cause and to Martha's efforts to fund ALS and MS research.

Gordon Phillips

“In honor of Martha's faith, grace, and bravery.

john h perkins

“Bailey we love you Honey Bear

Dawn Zucco

“Yay Bailey We love you Teddy Bear

Fran Palm

“This honors the great work done for ALS patients at Leonard Florence Center for Living. The Leonard Florence family are life long friend and we honor their dedication to ALS.

Patricia Sullivan Elder

“Love you Aunt Martha!

Nathan Cope

“Great cause, Leigh!

Brian Schott

“For a beautiful lady and a dear friend!

Deborah Kouri

“Go Georgia!

Azi Fathi

“I pray they find a cure for these and all auto immune diseases.

Victoria Burrows

“Go Team Bailey! We will be cheering you on all the way from Italy!

Sara & Harrison Klein

“Born and raised in Chelsea, on Warren Avenue!

Tim Downing

“Georgia, we are so proud of you and your work on behalf this incredible organization

Yaya and Dad-dad Graham

“Thanks for doing this walk, Georgia! xoxo Aunt Geri & Uncle Rich

Geri OReilly

“Love You Mike

Debra E Rogers


Erison Rocha

“Blessings, Love & Prayers for Medical Breakthroughs, Martha!

Tom Pokorni

“Wish you all well

David Willis

“Siempre Acompañando de Corazón….

Claudia Dosoretz

“Thank you Julia for raising funds for ALS!

Jeanne Glinski

“Love you Britt and Lilith! 💗 proud of you for walking!

Eileena Long

“Hi from Nagasaki, Japan

Yoshimi Matsuo

“Georgia and James we are so proud of your work in raising money for this cause. We are happy to support you both. Love Yaya and Dad dad

Mike and Lorise Graham

“keep up the great work that Barry Berman and others started

phillip wizwer

“I love you Mike❤️

Grace Busa

“To Rick and Debbie, I am to support you in raising money for the outstanding Center for Living.

Kenneth Kolpan

“Thanks from NYC!

Alec Appelbaum

“Good Luck!

Alessandra Ranelli

“Very worth cause. Thank you!

Jason Weisberg

“The work you do for this incredible cause is remarkable. Thank-you for doing it year after year!

Glenda and John Speyer

“Ann was my only niece. She lived in California and had ALS.

Gloria Epstein

“Rick and Debbie Weisberg

Alan Appelbaum


Aaron Augenblick

“Great Job Debbie and Rick!

Edward Elkins


Aaron Augenblick

“Thank you for all you do for this good cause!411

Lucia Berger


Aaron Augenblick

“This is another test

Mike Sperling

“Way to go Marcy! I miss working with you, but glad you enjoy your new avocation. Best, Andrew & Sue

Andrew Fleischer

“Happy to support Team Weisberg for such a great cause! Laurie and Steven

Laurie Jacobs

“Thanks for being a light where you are and as you are. You’re an inspiration.

Kathleen Yonkunas

“Keep on going Martha. Thinking of you.

Patricia Reilly

“A small donation for my cousin Martha.

John Bergmann

“Have a wonderful walk this weekend! Here’s hoping for good weather :)

Christine Chartoff

“We love you Patrick and Team. In memory of Beautiful Bonnie Beck O'Brien.

Brian Kearns

“Let’s kick MS’s a$$!!

Kara Gauthier

“Rich and I are happy to help in this very important cause !

Wendy Eisenberg

“Go Team Mighty Meghan!

Andrea DeGray

“To my Obachan - but also to Auntie Martha for continuing to stay strong!

Emily Waite


Michael & Judy Orlando

“Keep laughing my pirate queen!!

Carla Oleska

“Thanks for doing this Rick & Debbie

Bob Brown

“Charlie and I are happy to support the team!

Susan Blank

“From Liz Regan

Liz Regan

“Go Brosnan ladies! I will be with you in spirit.

Catherine Tarr

“Way to go Marcy!

Ethan Forman

“Go do things,yay!

Andrea Drever

“Thank you for doing the walk, otters hold their babies in front of themselves when getting attacked

Esther Maake

“Go team Mike - go

Debbie Rogers

“Thank you, Janet, for walking in support of this worthy cause.

Jayne Katz

“With all that you have going on with your own lives, thank you, again, for thinking of others!

Kenny and Diane Brown

“Fighting for my friends

Yari Velez

“Hoping for a cure to get you home!!!

Steven and Deborah Dolgin

“Hoping for a cure.. Need you home NOW!!!

Steven and Deborah Dolgin

“Team Weisberg

Patricia CORNELL

“We love you

Debra Albertelli

“Rick, happy to support you and Debbie in this worthwhile cause. Be well and keep walking.

Kenny Kolpan

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Funds Raised: $16,539

Goal: $100,000