About ALS & MS Homes

people sitting in wheelchairs outside

The ALS & MS Homes at the Leonard Florence Center for Living, Chelsea MA

Imagine being confined to one room for days, months, even years and then finding a home that enables you to regain your independence and, with it, your dignity. The Leonard Florence Center for Living is just such a place.

With sixty private rooms devoted to individuals living with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), MS (multiple sclerosis) and ventilator care, the award-winning Leonard Florence Center for Living was the country’s first urban Green House® skilled nursing facility. These specialized residences change the way people are living with debilitating diseases. Today, the Center takes care of more individuals living with ALS than any place else in the world.

Located on scenic Admiral’s Hill, the Leonard Florence Center also offers the only Green House ventilator program in the country. Featuring state-of-the art portable ventilators in a Green House model of care, residents have access to a totally new way of living. These advanced ventilators make it easy to switch and customize therapies, creating one easy-to-manage system. Most importantly, these ventilators offer greater mobility, and with it, a higher degree of independence.

Residents who are completely immobilized are able to control the lights, turn on the TV, open doors and raise window shades – all through the Center’s innovative technology and round-the-clock support staff. Residents set their own daily routines: getting up when they choose, eating meals where and when they want, participating in lectures, classes, and recreational activities


To provide individuals with debilitating diseases the means to live full, independent lives, ensuring the highest quality of life through compassionate care, innovative technology and a nurturing environment.

Revolutionary Technology

The Leonard Florence Center for Living is equipped with revolutionary technology called PEAC (Promixis Environment Automation Controller). This system allows residents who are completely immobilized to move freely around the building and the grounds.

PEAC is the only commercial grade, multi-user comprehensive automation system that allows total environmental control of any electrical device for the disabled. Quite simply, it reflects life changing technology for people with limited mobility or physical disabilities. It gives individuals their independence back, where disease or trauma took it from them. The system uses a wireless signal to allow residents to open and close doors, call an elevator and operate the TV, window shades and lights. Residents are able to carry out these tasks with small movements of their eyes — or, for some individuals, using brain waves. What makes it even more accessible is that this automation system can be controlled with any wireless device that has a web browser including communication devices like Tobii and any brand of smart phone like the iPhone and Android. Additionally, PEAC adapts to the abilities of the people using it with a flexible interface that is tailored to each and every user.

The overriding goal of installing the PEAC system in the Center, from the ground up, was to make it a viable solution for individuals diagnosed with debilitating diseases. PEAC enables individuals to enjoy their independence while dramatically improving their quality of life. This is a life-altering breakthrough. It is this unique combination of cutting-edge technology, a caring and compassionate staff and five-star amenities that make the Leonard Florence Center for Living one of the most innovative skilled nursing facilities in the world.


Spacious private rooms, each with its own with bathroom and shower, flat screen TV, large windows and scenic views of the beautiful landscaped grounds. Each group of ten rooms feature an open dining area, kitchen, personal chef and fireplace living room.


Residents can participate in a wide range of activities, including concerts, games, weekly restaurant outings, pub nights, intergenerational programs, lectures, holiday and birthday celebrations, among many others.


You’ll have access to the European day spa, deli, library/family room, chapel and outside patio. Enjoy three nutritious and fresh kosher meals a day, with 24-hour room service upon request.


Our dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers are advocates for seniors and their families and bring extensive experience in their fields. We offer exceptional care and access to a wide range of top medical experts. Working in close partnership with residents and their families, our overall goal is to provide the highest quality of care for every single resident.


Chelsea Jewish Lifecare accepts Medicare and Medicaid as well as many third party private insurance plans.


The Stein Family Center for Well-Being is the only Green House® ventilator program in the country. Vent-dependent residents live as independently as possible in a “real” home, where they receive exceptional skilled nursing and compassionate care, and are treated with dignity and respect. State-of-the-art multi-function ventilators provide a unified respiratory system that makes it easy to switch and customize therapies, creating one simple system to use and manage.  These ventilators offer greater mobility, enhancing the quality of life for residents.