Chip Fanelli Fan Club

We're very excited to be participating in this event! We are grateful for your donations and for your help in spreading the word. To join the Chip Fanelli Fan Club team, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link.

Funds raised: $5,778 of $1,500


Thank you donors
Phil and Cay Lodine : $50
Sorry to be late with this -- hope the event was well attended!
Richard Balian : $50
Sorry to be late with this, but we are so happy to donate on behalf of Chip and the Fanelli family. With much love!!
Mary K Olmsted : $200
Sending lots of love your way, wish we could have been there. xoxo Mary & Dwight
Lindsay McDonald Reg : $20
Lauren and John Balian Reg : $60
David Zendzian Reg : $20
Lucy Zendzian Reg : $20
Katie Balian : $20
Patricia Stegelmann
In honor of Chip, and through you all, Chip continues to inspire.
Marla Schay Barker : $150
Wish we were walking with you physically, and not just in spirit. Will ALWAYS be a member of the Chip Fanelli Fan Club!
Susan Ketron : $250
In memory of those we have loved and lost...we love you all. We are walking with you.... Susan, Michael, Morgan and Amelia.
Clunies Holt
Peter Schindler : $100
Tina Stott : $100
Rhonda Meisel : $100
Kathy Beagan : $50
Alton Harvey : $50
Best wishes for your walk. Our thoughts are with you all the way! Skip & Mary Harvey
Denise DiRocco : $50
Jacqueline Allen : $300
Karen Harting : $200
Toby Sandler : $50
Victor Brochard : $100
Ann Mitchell : $100
Sarah Clark : $100
Bob Kellerman : $100
Jeremiah OConnor : $100
Laura Terzian : $50
Lori Rosenblum : $100
Linda Coffman : $100
John + Molli Allen : $30
Christopher Allen : $100