Thanks to Chelsea Jewish Lifecare and a generous sponsor, we opened our 2nd Green House ALS Residence last year and now have more people with ALS (pALS) living under one roof at the Leonard Florence Center for Living (LFCL) than anywhere else in the world. We are actively seeking sponsors to open up to 7 more ALS Residences in the LFCL. The ALS Residence Initiative invites you to the completely redesigned website If you like the new site, there is a place for comments at the bottom of the home page. There is a new section where I answer some frequently asked questions including my advice to the recently diagnosed. ALS is no picnic but neither is it a death sentence. Please show your support for giving pALS a chance to live a vital and productive life by supporting the 9th Annual WALK for LIVING. Until science unlocks the mystery of ALS, pALS will have a home in Chelsea.

Funds raised: $3,657 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Millie Lamb : $100
Joan Harwell : $25
Nancy Glenn Hansen : $50
John Gregoire : $50
Kevin Boyett : $25
War Eagle & F U ALS!
Tama Bello : $100
James Heywood : $250
Michael Rainey : $750
Steven Andrew!!! Steven Andrew!!! Steven Andrew!!!
William Quortrup : $100
Charles Howell : $100
Janet LeGrand : $100
Kathleen Robarts : $25
In Memory of Gene/Tom/Papa Robarts
Mike Saling : $500
Mac McRae : $100
Alison Greenspan : $360
marc pollick : $72
Steve, you are one of my heroes! We WILL find a cure for this awful disease! Marc
Karen Miglietta : $100
Thank you Steve for all that you do and have done for ALS and my mom.
Craig Heimbigner : $250
Kit Cope : $100
Thomas Saling : $100
Keep up the good work!
Welton Hamilton : $100
Steve, Great work for a great cause. You're an inspiration for us all. Hamp
George Saling : $200
Chris Wright : $50
I'll probably be mustering a team of my own this year, Steve, but that's no reason to not support yours, too. I look forward to seeing all my friends at the LFCL in September, if not before.
Maria Mazzone : $50
Hope you become the champions again Team Saling! Good luck to everyone :)